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    This company has powerful capital strength. Since the foundation, this company has taken big bang actions in real estate, high-tech production of chemical additives, R&D and production of chemical building materials, solar photoelectricity, R&D of new curtain wall and materials, high molecular composite modified materials, vibration and noise reduction products, special coatings and new insulation materials, securities investment and others, and made remarkable performance therein, laying a firm foundation for continuous and steady corporate operation.

    This company assembles a batch of professionals in multiple fields such as management, finance and investment, and these professionals have made remarkable contribution on related markets, succeeded in establishing a business, accumulated enough experiences in investment and taken the lead in professional level and business ability. Members of the management of this company are senior professionals of Chinese securities market, jointly grow with the market, have profound theoretical foundation and rich practical experiences and enjoy wide resources and good interpersonal relations on the market, powerfully guaranteeing this companys supply of first-class service to the customers. This company has established a good and close cooperative relationship with well-known domestic and foreign investment fund and securities companies and professional research institutions as organic supplementation for the professional force of this company.

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