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    Own funds may be used for equity investment in unlisted companies or directional issue of new shares of listed companies.

    We prefer the enterprises relatively leading in the field of resource, new material, new energy, biomedicine, environmental protection, consumption upgrade and others, and mainly invest in those in growth or expansion stage. We will pay more attention to Pre-IPO involved with rapidly growing enterprises that may be listed within the forthcoming 1 or 2 years.
As to the participation in directional issue of new shares of listed companies, this company will follow the basic principle of suitable scale and clear expectation and mainly invest in listed companies with development potential in an industry encouraged and supported by the state, e.g. rare metal, new material, new energy and biomedicine.   

    Invested enterprises or projects shall conform to national direction of industrial development and the listing requirements of related markets, own independent intellectual property right, reach domestic or international state of art, innovate in product, technique or service and have differential advantage; have a core technology with high threshold of entry, hardly reproducible or in particular business mode; be in preliminary industrialized operation stage, have obvious market potential or relatively monopolistic product on domestic and foreign markets. 
After investing in such enterprises, this company will exert own advantages, professional knowledge, efficient business management skills and financial specialty, sell shares to gain profits by means of listing, acquisition and merge, management buyout (MBO) and others, further, realize capital appreciation and financial liquidity.
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