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    We provide planning, consultancy and agency services for the establishment of corporate capital structure, corporate financial management, finance, capital operation and others by virtue of our advantages in capital, information, talent, customer group, etc.

    Service modes: investment & financing consultancy service – to provide planning service for the customers on financing and project investment; all-year-round financial consultancy service – to provide long-term continuous financial management consultancy, capital operation, project investment and other services for the customers; enterprise joint-stock system reform and restructuring; listing consultancy service – to help the customers realize standard operation and open the financing channels on the capital market; acquisition and merge consultancy service – to help the customers with “backdoor listing”, industrial integration and diversification; international business consultancy service – to connect domestic and foreign capital markets and promote the business cooperation between domestic and foreign enterprises; equity operation and strategic planning consultancy service – to help the customers reform ownership system and remuneration system and establish talent incentive system.    

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